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We specialise in email marketing, but this is a broad term comprised of several key services. Here are the services we can provide for you to build a cutting-edge email marketing package.

Data Collection

We optimise your website to host signup entry forms that enable people that view your site to submit their information. User data is then fed privately and consensually to our database where we can then begin to distribute tailored emails.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM helps understand your customers' preferences, behaviours, and needs. It allows us to tailor future emails to their interests, making them feel like each message was crafted just for them.

Email Design

We design a unique set of emails with engaging images and copy which can be deployed to match the user experience at each stage of the customer journey.

Constant refinement

As an extension of your team, you can get in touch at any time with any new promotions or new, and we'll make sure it reaches your customers. We also provide monthly performance reports and make tweaks to our systems to improve.


We handle all of your distribution needs, making sure that for every new customer or new promotion, a custom email is ready to be distributed at the optimum moment.


On top of our base services, we can create a custom-built newsletter, giving your customers behind the scenes access to your brand and it's products. This is a proven way to drive sales and build loyal, engaged community.


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